segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2008


Soldados são parte do trabalho "Colônia", mostrado na Galeria Virgílio em março de 2006. O trabalho foi organizado como uma colônia de insetos, com uma rainha, operárias e as "soldados".

Soldiers are part of the work "Colony", showed at Galeria Virgilio in São Paulo, Brasil. The work was organised as a colony of insects, with a Queen, the workers and the female soldiers.

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ainesse disse...

Hello Rosana, I imagine that you have been very busy doing work (for money?) and many other tasks?

This morning I came across an artist on Flickr who I think you might find interesting. His installation works in particular. It seems also he has participated in a biennial in Sevilla or somewhere like that in Spain - maybe it was Valencia.
here is his url